Sunday, 23 November 2008


Well I have been planning to blog about this for a couple of weeks now but I have been so super busy doing assignments for college and trying to keep up at work that this post never sorta happened until now !

A couple of weeks ago me and my mum went to an open day for the university that I want to go to: London South bank University. I was fabulous and everything I hoped it would be. Well the shocker is that I'm already qualified enough to apply (especially with all my experience). They also told me that they have a smaller intake in march of only 60 people and she thought that I would be very well suited to it. If I get in for the march intake then I would do all of my placements for all 3 years at Great Ormond Street Hospital which is an amazing hospital for sick children. Children get sent there not only from all over the country but also from around the world. It is a dream of mine to work there so I had to jump at the chance. 
I have applied and I just hope I get accepted, first I will find out if I get an interview and then if the interview goes well I have to sit a couple of tests and if I'm successful then i'll be going to uni. in just a few months !!!!!!! 
I am still going to college even though I don't necessarily need it just in case I don't get in for march and then it will help me to apply for the september intake. 
I am just so excited and I really really want this so much I just have this feeling that this is the right thing for me to do with my life. 
I had to write a personal statement for my application and after quite a bit of guidance from people at work I wrote a corker even if I do say so myself ! I showed it to my mum after I had finished it and it made her cry. She gave me a big hug and told me how proud she is of me. I was so unbelievably touched by that. If you want to read it say so and i'll email it to you as I don't want to post it on her as it is quite personal and plus I think it's really good so I don't want anyone nicking my work !!!! 
I would really appreciate your prayers that they will like my application and give me an interview.