Thursday, 31 July 2008

shopping and dinner

Check out Debi's blog who says 8 is enough to find out all the details about today and see the pics !

Wednesday, 30 July 2008


We went to the zoo today !
It was so very hot and humid today while we were walking round this zoo which was quite small. They did have a couple of lions and tigers and some bears but they were all in quite small areas. It was quite sad and i'm praying that they do have other bigger areas that they move them into when it is closed as they just did not have the right amount of space. We did have a nice day though even if the thought of those animals did stick in my mind, poor things.
The kids have been crazy for the rest of the day though, so I took a little 'me time' and went for a walk which was nice even in the humidity.
Debi took lots of pics today so check out her blog later as i'm sure she will put them up tonight on her blog who says 8 is enough.

Monday, 28 July 2008

debi's blog and beach today

Debi is doing a much better job at posting pics and stuff on her blog about our trip so I encourage you all to check out her blog
who says 8 is enough

We went to the beach today which was great but thankfully we wern't there too long as I melt in the heat LOL !!!
Debi has great pics of us all on her blog so check it out !!!
We are all going for dinner today which should be fun. I have no idea what tommorow will bring but be sure to check back as i'm sure we'll get up to something fun !

Sunday, 27 July 2008

looooong trip


It was a long long trip but we finally made it to north carolina. We left New Jersey at 10am and arrived at around 11pm so yeah 13 hours on the road with 9 kids it was not fun but yeah i had my ipod and it was on constantly which was great !
I had such a good nights sleep though last night sleeping in a double bed with a celing fan. It is so hot here which for most people would be fantastic but i'm afraid i'm not a hot weather person but its actually not as bad. Its a very diffrent kind of heat than i'm used to but thank goodness for air conditioning otherwise I would melt !!!
I love being back with the Bouffards, I love being a nanny and who wouldn't love having 9 kids around - its a blast !
Please, please, please leave me comments so I know your reading this !!!!

Friday, 25 July 2008

I'm here

I had a good flight with a bit of turbulence near the end which almost sent the air hostess flying down the aisle and me doing my breathing exercises to not be sick ! We made it down and I actually went through immigration with no problems AT ALL !!! I was asked one question "how long are you staying?" and then sent on my way.
Its so lovely to be here and I feel like I've never been away. Things are just so comfortable which is great.
We've spent the day chilling out and I took the kids in the pool which was nice as its really hot here ! We have also been packing for our trip to north Carolina tomorrow.
I'm not sure when I'll be able to get online while i'm away but i'll do my best to keep updating.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


I'm just leaving home now to go to the airport !!!!
My stomach is a complete mess - full of butterflies !

finished at last

Its just gone 2 am and I am finally packed (except for the things I can't pack till i've used them in the morning).
I'm tired and its starting to sink in now that i'm leaving in the morning. I just can't wait to see everyone tomorrow, actually I guess its today as its past midnight - oh my gosh !!!
Bouffards - I can not wait to see you all again !!!! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Packing !

Oh my goodness I HATE, HATE, HATE packing !!!
I so love to travel and can't wait to get to America and see the Bouffard family but my gosh i hate the packing. I have sooooo much to do and as you can see i've just kind of chucked everything into my suitcase that I want to take but have yet to sort through everything and take out what I don't actually need LOL !!
You would have thought that, this being my 5th time to America I'd be used to it all by now but no I still HATE HATE HATE it !! Anyone fancy coming over to do it for me LOL ?!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Its a Knockout!

I work at a school for disabled children, which is owned by the charity Livability. They put on a fundraising event called its a knockout. There were lots of different teams taking part but we were the only team from livability. 
The event is basically lots of inflatable type games that also involve lots of water ! 
It was a really fun day and we all enjoyed ourselves while raising money for livability. We didn't win but that didn't really matter.
Check out some of the pics ! 

The Livablity team
(L-R) back row- Dave, Chris, Simon & Andre
front row - Claire, Me, Trudy, Kellie, Shonade & Jana 
Us waiting to take part in this game
Me soaking wet !
Some of the kids from the school watching
The team at the end, wet but happy !