Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Its a Knockout!

I work at a school for disabled children, which is owned by the charity Livability. They put on a fundraising event called its a knockout. There were lots of different teams taking part but we were the only team from livability. 
The event is basically lots of inflatable type games that also involve lots of water ! 
It was a really fun day and we all enjoyed ourselves while raising money for livability. We didn't win but that didn't really matter.
Check out some of the pics ! 

The Livablity team
(L-R) back row- Dave, Chris, Simon & Andre
front row - Claire, Me, Trudy, Kellie, Shonade & Jana 
Us waiting to take part in this game
Me soaking wet !
Some of the kids from the school watching
The team at the end, wet but happy !


BoufMom9 said...

Looks like FANTASTIC fun Deb!

Its A Knockout Fan said...

Love the Pictures. Looks great KNOCKOUT FUN !!!