Sunday, 27 July 2008

looooong trip


It was a long long trip but we finally made it to north carolina. We left New Jersey at 10am and arrived at around 11pm so yeah 13 hours on the road with 9 kids it was not fun but yeah i had my ipod and it was on constantly which was great !
I had such a good nights sleep though last night sleeping in a double bed with a celing fan. It is so hot here which for most people would be fantastic but i'm afraid i'm not a hot weather person but its actually not as bad. Its a very diffrent kind of heat than i'm used to but thank goodness for air conditioning otherwise I would melt !!!
I love being back with the Bouffards, I love being a nanny and who wouldn't love having 9 kids around - its a blast !
Please, please, please leave me comments so I know your reading this !!!!


Alison Calcutt said...

it was hot here too at the weekend. 29'C at the agility show. Too hot to concentrate and I made some errors so got Pop faults but she was brilliant. The dogs thought it was too hot too and had a cold shower under the water tap. Pop wasn't too keen!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you've got a crack me up! Glad to hear you're having a fab time tho - send me a postcard!!! Take care my love xxxxxxxx can't wait till ur back!

Anonymous said...

oh btw, that anonymous comment is from meeeeeee.....KT x