Thursday, 18 December 2008

my interview

Thought I should update you, thanks so much for your prayers and good wishes, I really felt like I had loads of people rooting for me. 
It went well and I think I did okay, I don't think I blew them away of anything and I was disappointed they did want to talk more about things I put into my personal statement but overall I don't think it was a bad interview. I loved the hospital, it was so wonderful al these kids everywhere, just a really great atmosphere. They told me I wouldn't hear until after christmas which is a little disappointing but I guess it is only a week to go!! Well i can truly do no more an just have to hope for the best and trust that it is in God's hands and if I don't get in then there is a reason why not (of course will still be very upset). 
Thanks again for all your good wishes and prayers.

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BoufMom9 said...

Deb, I would bet you did better than you think. We are always our worst critic.
I will say some extra prayers for you :)
(secretly, i have just been plotting & planning on your return to the US. LOL)
Missing you!

ps LMAO! The word verification says " RestFace"!