Friday, 3 October 2008

a few of my favorite things

A couple of the blogs I read have posted their favorite things and I thought I would do to.
  1. sleeping in my own bed and knowing the alarm isn't going to go off and I can sleep for as long as I like
  2. curing up on the sofa with friends to watch a movie
  3. hanging out at the beach hut with everyone in the evening, playing silly games
  4. a child learning something you have taught them
  5. a small child falling asleep in your arms
  6. cheering a child up when they are upset
  7. playing sims 2 on my computer
  8. surfing the internet
  9. chatting to friends on the phone who live all over the world
  10. walking through the Bouffard's front door to be greeted by the family when I haven't seen them in a long time
  11. strolling through big cities like London or New york 
  12. being in the English countryside walking my dogs or camping
  13. the smell of the grass after it has rained
  14.  eating a big bowl of crisps (potato chips)
  15. Chinese take away
  16. mountain dew 
  17. thick vanilla milkshake
  18. looking back at photos of the good times in my childhood
  19. hugs from the people I love
  20. dancing and singing at a concert and just not caring what people think
I encourage you all to post some of your favorite things on your own blogs or leave them in the comments.

1 comment:

BoufMom9 said...

CREAT list Deb!
Missing you so much! I was actually going to text you today, until Will decided to get sick and make me hold him..... :(