Saturday, 21 June 2008

What have I done today ?

Well, good question ! The answer would be NOTHING, well nothing productive anyway. 
I work my butt off during the week and when it comes to the weekend I have to chill out and have some alone time. Seriously anyone reading this that knows me personally knows I'm far from being lazy and during the week I love being busy and rushing around getting things done and being a real people person.
I try and get all my laundry done, tidy my room and do any other chores that need doing over the weekend done on friday night so I can relax on saturday without worrying. 

My normal saturday normally goes something like this :

9 am  wake up in a panic that I'm late for work, realise its saturday and then go back to sleep
10 am  wake up, watch tv in bed
12 noon  remember I haven't taken my pills so take them and then go get some breakfast/lunch
1 pm  turn on computer, check emails, facebook and blog
2 pm  realise its 2 pm and I'm still in pjs. Procrastinate for a while then go take a shower and get dressed.
3 pm Go back to computer, surf the net, play sims2, waste time on the computer
6 pm Watch Dr. Who on tv with my parents.
7 pm Eat dinner
8 pm  watch tv while playing on the computer
1 am  get into bed, read for a while
2 am bedtime

Where I spend most of my time on a saturday !

Now I know this post is probably going to make everyone with kids that have to get up everyday and look after them hate me, and I do feel guilty but I know this won't be able to happen for much longer. I start a college course in september 2 days a week so I can go on to do my nurses training next year, so i know during the next few years I'm not going to have much freetime. I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

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BoufMom9 said...

I recognize those pics as your screen saver!!!!CUTE!
Missing you lots and loving that you are blogging more!
Boy! I miss lazy days like that!!!!