Saturday, 23 August 2008

Bus pics (just for Henry)

Henry has asked me to post some pictures of the buses where I live, especially the double decker buses !
Well I didn't take these pics myself as although I have been carrying my camera with me, its really difficult to try and get it out in time and get a good picture !!!

This is one of the buses that I catch on a regular basis to Poole or Bournemouth or anywhere onthe route in-between. They are quite nice buses, they have a low floor so push-chairs and wheelchairs can be pushed on easily and people using wheelchairs don't need to get out as they have an area for them to sit in while on the bus. They are also have air con. which is great ! 

This is one of the normal double decker buses that go all over the place. Many routes throughout the area. This is the number 110 which I used to get to and from school all the time!
This is one of the new open top double deckers that go along some of the longer routes during the summer, especially routes that go to the many beaches.
This is one of the older open top double decker buses that you still see quite a lot.

Well there you go Henry, hope you enjoyed this post !!!! 

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BoufMom9 said...

OH! I will have to show Henry tomorrow! He will think this is so cool!

PS Missing you!