Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Home alone

Well last night the Bouffards left to go to PA for a few days and left me behind as I'm to NYC tomorrow for a few days. The house was way to quiet for my liking last night so I didn't get a lot of sleep and plus the dogs woke me up at half 8 when i was hoping for a nice long lie in !!!
If all goes to plan I should be heading to new york tomorrow (Wednesday) YAY I'm so excited I have loved NYC every time I've been there so far so this time should be a blast aswell.
I'm also a bit sad that I couldn't go up to PA with the Bouffards as its so nice up there and I love being with everyone. I felt quite guilty telling the kids I wasn't going. Keith of course thought I was going back to England so I had to explain again that i'm here for another week. It makes me so sad to keep confusing him and to be in and out of his life all the time. Its hard for him to realise that I have another 'life' back in England. I tell him that my mum misses me and needs me back and he seems to understand that. It breaks my heart everytime I have to say good bye... Anyways I must stop dwelling on that and just enjoy the time I have left here.

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