Friday, 8 August 2008

NYC day one

Ok so i'm here in New York City and it is totally awsome !!!! I LOVE it here so much, almost as much as I love London but not quite.

I had a safe trip here on the greyhound bus. A very nice friend dropped me off in Atlantic city at the bus station. I bought my ticket and didn't have to wait to long for my bus to arrive though the ticket lady said that if the bus didn't have room I would have to wait for the next one so as soon as it arrived (10 mins late) I went to put my luggage on straight away and gave him my ticket, luckly I got on but loads of people didn't. I sat next to this nice old black lady who was poilte and asked me about my trip to new york a little but didn't ask me my life story and let me sleep which was very nice of her !!!! I slept for the first 1 1/2 which was great as I hadn't slept much the night before.

I met Heather at port authority and we went to Cheveys for a late lunch while we waitted for Beth who was at work. I had chicken quesdillas and they were yummy.
Pics taken strolling through New York

We met up with Beth and we went for a little walk and descided to go up to the top of the Rockefella centre. We had been up to the top of the Empire state building last time I was in NYC.
The Rockefella centre is not as busy as it isn't the highest building but it was still really cool.

The elevator ride was really cool and you could see the shaft above you as it was glass, I wasn't quick enough to get my camara out on the was up but coming down I took a video.

Poor Beth wasn't feeling great, Heather had a bus to catch and I was getting sick of pulling my suitcase along so we descided to head back to Beth's apartment and Heather went home.

Beth lives in west new york which is just the other side of the river !!!! I'll show you some pics in my next post.

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BoufMom9 said...

You got some really fantastic shot of the city! You are right! Cool elevator!