Friday, 15 August 2008

Home bitter sweet home

Well I'm home (actually i've been home since yesterday) but I wish I wasn't to be honest even though I love my home comforts, my own bed, the foods I like ect. 
Being with the Bouffard family feels like my 2nd home. I feel like part of the family and as much as its great to be back with my friends and family and to be back home I ache to be back again with the Bouffards. 

I had a safe trip, we left an hour later than we should have as a member of a group lost a document somehow so they were waiting for them but in the end they decided to go without them. So then we had to wait for them to off-load all the groups 60 BAGS !!!! 
The flight was uneventful and I didn't get sick ! I even slept for 3 hours, managed to watch 2 movies 'prince caspian' and 'what happens in vegas' both were really good films.
We made up the time for the late start and arrived pretty much on time. 

I got through immigration quickly and my bags were already going round so I picked them up and went straight through customs and made my way to the central bus station by train. It was only one stop but with two large suitcases and my carry-on it was no easy task when I had to give up my trolley ! I managed and got to the bus and bought my ticket and had breakfast at costa coffee while I waited an hour for my bus. 
My friend Katy met me when I got to bournemouth bus station and took me home. 
I was able to wish my friend Sarah happy birthday as she was working at the school where I live, and then I crashed. It was so good to be in my own bed again I must say - I never sleep well on the plane!!! 


Terri said...

glad to hear you made it home safely!

BoufMom9 said...

I am glad you had a safe flight!
We all miss you too!!!
Wanna hear sad? Emma was saying, "Nanny" today and was looking for you :(